Cruising low with the station wagon

Eibach Pro-Kit Performance suspension springs for the Ford Focus Turnier

For good reason, the estate version of the Ford Focus has always been the car's most popular – with ample cargo space, plenty of room for occupants and a high level of comfort. In short, a station wagon that scores with a lot of utility value, and in the latest version also with a surprising driving experience. This is ensured in particular by the four-cylinder engine with a full 280 hp in the top ST model. The diesel engine segment also knows to impress not only with the most powerful four-cylinder engine with 190 hp in the ST. Common to all are the convincing performance and correspondingly good traction – also for the occasional overtaking manoeuvre.

As an actually classic family car, the Ford Focus Turnier really does shine with sporting ambitions, which are further underpinned by the Eibach suspension springs. The Pro-Kit Performance suspension springs provide a lowering of approx. 20-25 mm – of course developed and tested for the combination with the standard dampers. The big plus: The refinement from Eibach emphasises the sporty side of the estate car without compromising on everyday comfort. The result is excellent driving dynamics and more confident road holding due to the lowering of the vehicle's centre of gravity. This makes both sporty cornering and a dignified family outing a real pleasure.

As always, Eibach chassis components that are available at dealers and in workshops are delivered with ABE or part certificates.

Ford Focus Turnier with Pro-Kit | lowering

Part numbers:

Pro-Kit | Performance Fahrwerksfedern
Lowering of approx. 20-25 mm

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Ford Focus Turnier