ERS | Eibach Race-Spring-System


It was in Germany in the 1980’s when Wilfried Eibach engineered the first designs of today’s legendary Eibach Race Springs.

We still have saved a “Typenliste”, just one sheet of paper, from the year 1986, which pictures the first 50 ERS part-numbers, all metric, 60 mm ID – inner diameter.

Obviously this basic approach was spot-on, as even today these historical part-numbers are part of our complete Eibach Race Spring System.

A few differences have to be recognized, the number of part-numbers/single components have grown from 50 to over 1,300. Also the early designs are consistently being improved in line with superior materials and manufacturing technology.

The ERS line has evolved over the years to be the world’s most prominent, comprehensive and superior Race Spring System. Eibach Race Springs are all manufactured in series production, often repeated, with a strong manufacturing experience. Thus, Eibach constantly achieves the most linear spring characteristic (rate) while maintaining the lowest tolerances and the highest quality in the industry.

In an instance when an application cannot be covered by the Eibach Race Spring System, then Eibach offers a bespoke design and manufacture service.

Based on decades of experience, Eibach has optimized their products to realize the lowest weight and smallest solid height – therefore increasing the maximum travel, block stability, linearity of the load/deflection graph, sag stability and dynamic durability

Suspension Tuning with ERS

Every suspension tuning is a compromise!

Already Junior-racers, very early in their career, are confronted with the challenges of Over- or Understeer.

On one hand the spring system should be compliant and soft enough to compensate for bumpy roads or tracks. This compliance assures permanent road-contact of wheel and tire and therefore guarantees grip and traction.

On the other hand the spring system must be firm enough to reduce body roll, squat and dive of the vehicle body during cornering, acceleration and braking.

For these contrary demands our ERS System offers endless variety of spring combinations

  • 2 (or even 3) ERS Springs with different rates are stacked, resulting in a progressive spring-system
  • various options are possible in serial hook-up
  • 2 or 3 different main springs – one after another
  • 1 main spring with a tender spring (a linear or progressive one)
  • 2 different main springs plus a tender spring (a linear or progressive one)
  • similar options are available in parallel hook-up

Our ERS System offers the Race Engineer multiple set-up options. This has made Eibach the leading brand in Motorsport springs everywhere around the world.

  • Over 1,300 single components – main and tender springs – metric and imperial, various auxiliary race suspension accessories, ready and in stock on 5 continents
  • Comprehensive Program of single components
  • Single Main Springs with highest rate-linearity and lowest rate tolerance
  • Progressive Characteristics via set-up of different springs serially – double or even triple spring combinations
  • Extreme Low Weights achieved through Super Hi-Ten materials and manufacturing technology
  • Smallest Solid heights, maximized spring travels and higher maximum loads
  • Spring Surface Stabilization through specialized shot peening
  • Every ERS Spring preset to block
  • Block and Sag Resistant
  • Smallest Tolerances and precise plane parallelism of spring ends
  • High Dynamic Durability – under Motorsport conditions
  • High quality corrosion protection by phosphating and epoxy coating
  • Springs Printed with part-number (speaking code = rate and dimensions)
  • Individual protective single box packaging