Additional springs

Contrary to the Tender Spring which usually has a full effect on the road behaviour, the Helper Spring’s only use is to fix the Main Spring in the spring seat when the wheel is completely released.

Thus the Helper Spring prevents the loosing of the spring when the wheel gets released.

The installation of the Helper Spring has no effect on the suspension characteristics of the vehicle. By using of the Helper Spring, spring-to-perch gaps of up to 50 mm can be covered.

Accessories for ERS-springs

Aluminum connecting plate with inner diameter locating. Only use this plate after having made sure that the plate fits over the container tube of the used damper (and does not interfere with the shock when deflected).

Part-Number ERS-SE-M-060-CI
A mm 6
in 0.24
B mm 11
in 0.43
C mm 17
in 0.67
D mm 54
in 2.13
E mm 60
in 2.36
F mm 85
in 3.35

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