Armored, Light Tactical

Special duties vehicles require duty-spec suspension solutions—like border control vehicles, ambulances, limousines, police cars, armored, light tactical and military vehicles.

Each vehicle presents a unique challenge to the integrity of the suspension system. For precision performance handling and control, it's essential to make sure that heavy vehicles don't bottom out in rugged terrain or under full load, while ensuring optimized handling for evasive driving.

The pro-active preparation to avoid a potential perilous situation is the very best solution of all. Over the decades Eibach has gained extensive knowledge and data about many existing platforms within the automotive industry.

For a one-stop strategy to our key customers, we have brought together a team of leading partner companies, which enables us to engineer and provide complete suspension systems, including

  • coil-springs,
  • stabilizers (tubular or solid),
  • dampers (shock absorbers),
  • coil-over systems,
  • secondary springs,
  • suspension bushings,
  • leaf springs and
  • axle geometries components.

We also offer intensive testing on special proving grounds.

Depending on the various market regions Eibach operates as Tier 1 supplier, or as a Tier 2 solution to a Tier 1 partner. In either case we can provide

  • project management,
  • custom-made product development,
  • prototypes,
  • testing on proving grounds,
  • manufacturing and supply in the requested quantities—all from a single source.

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