Corrosion Protection

In-house we provide:

  • Electrostatic powder-coating (polyester | epoxy resin)
  • Zinc phosphating as pre-treatment and to prevent infiltration of corrosion
  • Extensive range of colors, including UV-resistant powders
  • Durability tests (static | dynamic), also under corrosion influence

Via Eibach Oberflächentechnik GmbH we provide the micro layer corrosion protection system microcor®, based on components like Delta®-Tone | Delta®-Seal | Magni.

Application methods are

without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement

  • Best corrosion protection
  • High temperature resistance
  • Marginal coating strength
  • Choice of different colors by using organic top-coats as well as selectable friction characteristics, if PTFE is added
  • Tests of corrosion resistance (Kesternich / salt spray / climate change) with or without premature damage for example for stone chip simulation

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