VW Golf 8 | Pro-Kit, Sportline und Pro-Spacer

Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline Performance suspension springs as well as Pro-Spacer wheel spacers for the VW Golf 8

Now in its eighth generation, the VW Golf is the epitome and internationally recognised benchmark of the compact class. With the Golf VIII, the proverbial "Golf feeling" has now been enhanced with a number of digital aspects, without losing sight of the essential: a really good car. In addition to classic contents such as tachometer, speedometer and odometer, the "digital cockpit" can also display other useful data. And of course the engines are just as impressive: The petrol, diesel, natural gas, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines of the Golf VIII come with a power spectrum ranging from 90 hp to over 300 hp in the R version.

As an icon of vehicle refinement, the Golf VIII also responds quite naturally to the sporting ambitions of Eibach suspension springs. The Pro-Kit Performance suspension springs provide a lowering of approx. 30 mm while the Sportline version achieves an impressive 40 mm. Developed and tested for the combination with the standard dampers, both versions emphasize the sporty, challenging sides of the Golf without compromising on everyday comfort. The accustomed excellent driving dynamics are further optimized to reach an outstanding level of performance. This is also supported by the Eibach Pro-Spacer wheel spacers in silver and black made of high-strength aluminium. In addition to the perfect fit with a full 16-60 mm track width adjustment per axle, this also means well-balanced wheels for even more confident road holding.

As a matter of course, Eibach chassis components that are available at dealers and in workshops are delivered with ABE or parts certificates.

Article no.:

Pro-Kit | Performance suspension springs
E10-85-051-01-22 | E10-85-051-02-22 | E10-85-051-03-22 | E10-85-051-04-22
Lowering approx. 30 mm

Sportline | Performance suspension springs sport
E20-85-051-01-22 | E20-85-051-02-22 | E20-85-051-03-22 | E20-85-051-04-22
Lowering approx. 40 mm

Pro-Spacer wheel spacers
Article no. | Track width adjustment per axle

S90-2-08-003 | 16 mm
S90-2-10-027 | 20 mm
S90-2-12-003 | 24 mm
S90-2-15-013 | 30 mm
S90-2-20-003 | 40 mm
S90-7-20-017 | 40 mm
S90-7-25-005 | 50 mm
S90-7-30-012 | 60 mm

BlackS90-2-08-003-B | 16 mm
S90-2-10-027-B | 20 mm
S90-2-12-003-B | 24 mm
S90-2-15-013-B | 30 mm
S90-2-20-003-B | 40 mm
S90-7-20-017-B | 40 mm
S90-7-25-005-B | 60 mm


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