Pro-Kit Performance Springs

The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most popular street cars. It’s our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicle’s performance and appearance.

  • Top-Performance Handling
  • Lower centre of gravity — lowers vehicle up to 40 mm
  • Progressive spring design
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Part of the Eibach B12 Pro-Kit

Lowering: Front axis: 25 mm | rear axis: 20 mm

Item number: E10-65-035-02-22 – available shortly
Lowering: Front axis approx. 25-30 mm | rear approx. 30 mm
Axle load up to 900 kg

Item number: E10-65-035-01-22 – Available soon
Lowering: Front axis approx. 30 mm | rear approx. 30 mm
Axle load up to 782 kg


Pro-Spacer | Wheel Spacers   – Available soon

  • Widen your stance—for better handling and appearance
  • Made from high-tensile-strength aluminum alloy
  • Exact fitment by using minimal production tolerances, resulting in exceptional wheel balance
  • All applications tested in rigid durability- and fatigue tests
  • High-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process (salt spray test according to DIN 50021)
  • Significant weight advantage compared to wheel-spacers made from steel

Item number | Track width change per axis: 

S90-1-05-012 | 10
S90-2-10-013 | 20
S90-2-15-008 | 30
S90-2-20-021 | 40
S90-7-25-019 | 50
S90-7-30-009 | 60

Please note that depending on the equipment the item number can vary . Please check the appropriate product in our online catalog with your vehicle registration.