Eibach: Golf 8 GTI winner announced

Finnentrop. During this special year, once again Eibach cemented trust in its products through a special campaign. Customers who registered their purchase and took advantage of our material warranty were given the chance to win a brand-new Golf 8 GTI.

Eibach is a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket suspension components with an excellent reputation among vehicle manufacturers from the independent aftermarket and motorsport scenes. Going above and beyond the legal requirement, it also guarantees its springs and other components for five years.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Eibach’s plans to draw the winner at Germany’s Essen Motor Show. With cancellation of the annual highlight of the modified car scene and the repurposing of the venue as a vaccination station, an alternative plan was quickly hatched. Instead, the winner was declared on Saturday, December 5th, in the equally spectacular “Oktogon” machine room at the Zeche Zollverein, a German industrial museum. The ceremony, which included an entertainment program, was livestreamed to YouTube. As well as moderator Tobias Wobbe, Eibach brand ambassador Benjamin Leuchter and Stephan Stöcker, Eibach Suspension Technology & Motorsport Manager, also addressed the online audience.

“Of course, at Eibach we were really pleased with the fantastic response the material warranty competition met with. We congratulate the winner with all our heart!” said Thomas Kirchhoff, Head of Sales & Marketing at Eibach.

Complementing the win, Eibach's new 2021 project car was also presented with all the new mods. The car is the very perky Golf 8 R, modified with Eibach’s springs, stabilizers, innovative Pro-Street-Multi and wheel spacers.

Watch the livestream: Eibach | VW Golf 8 GTI Verlosung - YouTube


Eibach: Golf 8 GTI winner announced