The fact that even the normal suspension springs in our cars have become wear parts is something that has gone largely unnoticed by the public. As the automotive industry has demanded continuous weight reductions for all components, chassis springs have also become increasingly lighter, which in turn has increased material stresses – and thus the risk of spring breakage.

According to information available to us, hundreds of thousands of series springs have to be replaced every year in Germany as a result of spring fracture alone. Replacements have to be obtained virtually overnight – which is another opportunity for Eibach to set the pace in yet another market segment thanks to outstanding quality and logistics.
In spite of the crisis, Eibach has just completed its logistics center, built especially for this market, with over 3,500 storage spaces, attached to the Wiethfeld plant. It will now be stocked with 1,200 types of pre-manufactured serial replacement springs in the renowned Eibach quality by the end of the year. This will then enable us to assist our customers in record time – even overnight if necessary.

Eibach is an owner-managed family business with a very wide range of products and applications, and therefore much less susceptible to crises. In addition to the two German production plants, we also have our own production facilities and logistics centers in the USA and China, from which we serve the markets in North America and Asia-Pacific. In total, we are now a team of 600 dedicated employees, including 37 trainees.

The company, founded 1951 in Rönkhausen, is already looking forward to presenting the new 2021 Logistics Center to the global Eibach family, consisting of subsidiaries, customers and importers on all continents, as part of the company‘s 70th anniversary. „From Rönkhausen out into the big wide world – even in times of crisis. Next year, the whole world will come to Rönkhausen to celebrate seven decades of Eibach.“ Wilfried Eibach concludes.

SC Eibach in Replacement Springs